The Newcomers 101 class is a one time class designed to familiarize you with the various components of Celebrate Recovery. This is a great opportunity to ask questions and to help you identify an open-share group to attend the following week. During the latter part of the class, the group breaks out into a men’s group and a women’s group to give you a chance to share and to ask more detailed questions.

We recommend several actions to help you begin recovery:

--Attend several meetings before you decide if this group is not for you.
--We encourage you to obtain a copy of the Celebrate Recovery Workbooks and the Life Recovery Bible.
--Participation in the meeting is your choice. You can pass when it is your turn.
--You will receive a phone list. Call a sponsor to work with you, as you have questions and as you work on the steps. Use the phone list to call people when you need help.
--We guard the anonymity and confidences of group members carefully. Do not share who you see or what you hear in these meetings with any person or prayer list.
--Keep coming back. God will change your life as you apply the Christ-centered 8 Recovery Principles.

--Attending this meeting is the first step in confronting the denial in our lives. We are glad that you are here, and we encourage and support you as you grow with us. We love and support you.