The leadership team for Celebrate Recovery is comprised of the following:


T = Training Coaches

  • Conducts all training for new and potential leaders for Celebrate Recovery
  • Facilitates training sessions for all monthly leadership meetings
  • Conducts informational training sessions such as Introduction to CR
  • Provides Continuing Education for seasoned leaders
  • Conducts the leadership training needs survey
  • Develops a Training Coach apprentice

Chad Johnson

Bobbi McWilliams

E = Encourager Coaches

  • Creates fellowship events for leaders and groups
  • Recruits and develops all fellowship teams such as the barbecue team, the greeter team and Solid Rock Café team
  • Provides encouragement to all leaders
  • Recruits and develops new apprentice group leaders
  • Develops an Encourager Coach apprentice
Mike & Debby Colvin

A = Assimilation Coaches

  • Promotes Celebrate Recovery to the members, the church, the community and the region
  • Recruits and interviews new leadership candidates
  • Develops and selects Resource Materials for groups and information tables
  • Recruits and develops the publicity team and the transportation team
  • Develops an Assimilation Coach apprentice
Nick & Ruthie DeCorte

M = Ministry Leaders

  • Responsible for the entire Recovery Ministry
  • Selects and schedules teachers and testimonies for weekly meetings
  • Oversees all Celebrate Recovery ministries
  • Serves as the main contact with the church staff
  • Provides staff support and staff training
  • Recruits and develops music and worship teams
Josh Hudnall